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Creating jewelry out of raw metal is a form of alchemy that is far more fascinating to me than turning lead into gold. The ongoing process of learning to manipulate fire and metal has been like discovering an ancient, esoteric magic. It requires an intimate familiarity with the properties of both these elements. Heat must be applied to the right place at the right time in the right amount. The processes can be explained scientifically, but once the principles are understood intellectually, the metalsmith must learn to use them intuitively. It is art, science and spirit combined. Performing each step of the crafting process has the beauty of a ritual.

The name Metaluna alludes to astronomy as well as astro-mythology and science fiction. Metaluna is the name of the home planet of the alien race in the movie "This Island Earth" which was the movie used for the "experiment" in "Mystery Science Theater 3000 the Movie".

The prefix "meta" can mean several things including; "change, transformation" and "at a higher state of development" as well as "beyond, transcending". The name also contains the words "metal" and "luna", which of course means "moon". The very first piece of jewelry I made included a metal moon. Lunar imagery continues to inspire me. Many cultures have connected the moon with the emotions and feminine archetypes.

By mixing and matching words and concepts, I come up with phrases like "beyond the moon", "transforming the emotions" and "the higher state of the feminine". I find all of these evocative, but I also think that "This Island Earth" just looked really cool.

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